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I am having a statistic online quiz1hour duration15-20 questions I have attached a sample test you can look atPlease make sure the accurate rate is over 75percentThank you!


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Practice questions for Online Quiz 2
A. Hypothesis testing I and II
1. Coles has two branches in Manly: the Corso and Darley Road branch. A manager examines whether
significantly more people buy instant, microwaveable meals at The Corso branch than at the Darley
Road branch over the last 100 days. She will use a
a. two-sample t-test, for paired samples
b. two-sample t-test, for independent samples (a.k.a. t-test assuming unequal variances)
c. one-sample t-test
d. one-way ANOVA
2. The manager in the question above obtained from a statistical software a tcalc = 2.40 and tcritical = 1.99.
What would her conclusion be regarding the purchase of instant, microwaveable meals?
a. Reject Ho. She has evidence that significantly fewer people buy these meals from the Corso
b. Reject Ho. She has evidence that significantly more people buy these meals from the Corso
c. Keep Ho. There is no evidence that significantly more people buy these meals from the Corso
d. Keep Ho. There is no significant difference in the number of these meals bought from both
3. The mean age of those attending champagne tasting events in Sydney has normally been 50 years on
average. But it seems hip-hop culture has made champagne fashionable amongst very young people. An
events manager wants to investigate whether the mean age of attendees for champagne tasting events
is nowadays significantly lower than 50 years. He will use a
a. two sample t-test, for paired samples
b. two sample t-test, for independent samples
c. one-sample t-test
d. one-way ANOVA
B. Confidence intervals
4. The 95% confidence interval for the population mean weight of Cadbury chocolate bars coming out of
a packing machine was estimated to be 100.25 g < µ < 100.75 g. The sample mean, ̅ , was 100.5 g. What is the value of the margin of error, E? 5. You survey the mean weekly salary of a food-and-beverage (F&B) manager in Australian hotels. You survey 51 hotels across Australia. Sample mean = ̅ = $2,000 per week. Sample standard deviation s = 1 STA101A ICMS $800 per week. Assume mean salaries are normally distributed. If the relevant t-score for calculating E is t = 2.009, what is the 95% confidence interval? 6. You created a 95% confidence interval for the number of text messages Australian students send during class time. But the interval was too wide (E = 30 text messages). You want a narrower, precise one, with an E = 5 text messages. How big a sample size, nnew, must you choose now? (Previously, you used a sample size of n = 50 students. Your sample mean and standard deviation were ̅ = 55 messages and s = 30 messages). C. Linear correlation and regression 7. If Coles wants to investigate whether ‘customer spending (in $)’ might be dependent on ‘the duration (in minutes) people stay on their shopping website,’→ which might be the independent and dependent variables? 8. You investigated the relationship between the salaries of football club managers and the number of games the football clubs won. Is there a link between how much club managers are paid, and the number of games won by football clubs? You obtained an r = 0.23. So what does r tell you? 9. In the question above, what is the r2 value? What does this value say about the influence of club manager pay on number of games won? 10. There is a strong, positive relationship between the number of chocolate bars a football player eats prior to a game, and how many goals he scores. The regression line equation from the data is G = 2 + 1.5C. G is number of goals; C is number of chocolate bars. If a soccer player eats two chocolate bars, how many goals might he score? D. Nonparametric statistical tests 11. You want to investigate whether there is a significant difference in the number of Facebook messages sent by male and female students during lectures in all tertiary education institutions in Australia. (You are interested in finding out which gender is more attentive during lectures). You learn that the data is likely to be highly skewed (there could be a proportion of students who send out an unusual number of Facebook messages compared to rest). Which nonparametric statistical test is the best one to use? a. The Mann-Whitney test 2 STA101A ICMS b. The sign test c. The chi-squared test d. Spearman rank correlation E. Chi-squared test 12. You are doing a chi-squared test of independence. You want to investigate whether payment method by customers (4 categories: ‘cash’, ‘direct debit’, ‘Paypal’, and ‘bitcoin) depended on the type of job a customer had (3 categories: ‘casual’, ‘part time’, ‘full time’). What will the degree of freedom (df) be, when you calculate the critical chi-squared value? a. b. c. d. df = 6 df = 7 df = 5 df = 3.5 13. In the question above, what would the critical chi-squared value be? a. b. c. d. 3.82 5.99 11.07 12.59 14. Which of these might involve the use of the chi-squared ‘goodness of fit test’? a. ANZ bank investigates whether for ‘Monday’ to ‘Friday’, the proportion of customers logging into its e-banking website are all equal (20% for each of the five days) b. ANZ bank investigates whether there is a relationship between customer occupation (‘plumber’, ‘lawyer’ etc.) and type of service used the most (‘e-banking’, ‘walk-in bank service’) c. ANZ bank investigates whether there is a significant difference between young and old clients when it comes to amount of transaction they make weekly (in $) d. ANZ bank wants to investigate what the average number of transactions its customers make daily 3 ASSESSMENT BRIEF___________________________________________________ Subject Title Subject Code Data-informed Decisionmaking STA101A Assessment Title Learning Outcome/s Assessment 4 → Online Quiz 2 (a) Interpret statistics to make better business decisions (b) Interpret data graphically and numerically Individual 20% None Assessment type (group or individual) Weighting Word count Due week Class submission Submission type Week 12 (Friday 9:30 am to Saturday 11:59 pm) Lecture ☐ Tutorial ☐ Online ☒ Instructions The quiz is to test the skills you acquired from Weeks 4 to 11 – understanding the concepts of inferential statistics and knowing how to apply them. It also tests the MS Excel skills you learnt during that period. No. of questions - Between 15 and 20 (see quiz link on Moodle when the quiz becomes available for the final figure) Time - Opens at 9:30 am, Friday of Week 11 Closes at 11:59 pm, Saturday of Week 11 (one minute before Sunday) Duration - Between 1 to 1 hour and 20 minutes, depending on no. of questions (see quiz link on Moodle when the quiz becomes available for duration) Location - You can do this quiz from anywhere (e.g., from home, the college) Attempts Page 1 of 3 ASSESSMENT BRIEF___________________________________________________ - - - You will have only one attempt; once you begin the quiz, you must complete it You can attempt the quiz at any time between the opening and closing times mentioned above After completing your attempt, please make sure you submit the quiz Tools - You may use a calculator, if you wish. But you will certainly need a notebook and pen, and a laptop/desktop computer with the latest MS Excel, connected to a reliable Internet and power source. - Without these, you may fail to submit your quiz. Failure to satisfactorily submit your quiz will mean you get a 0% mark. You will not be allowed to do it again. How to prepare - - - Attempt the practice quiz questions. Find them in Moodle >
Attempt all the weekly exercise
sheets available on Moodle
Attempt all the weekly Excel in-class
practices, and challenge document
available on Moodle
Peruse your lecture slides and the
notes you took in class
Carefully see your weekly ‘before
class’ readings and viewings (e.g.,
those on ‘presentation tips’).
– No plagiarism. Do the quiz
individually. You cannot collaborate
with any student, receive help
from, give help to, or copy the
quiz attempts of others. Don’t
share the quiz questions and
answers with others.

Report the above misconducts to
your lecturers. With evidence of
copying (e.g., Moodle quiz data) or
reasons to believe you copied, your
lecturer has the right to penalise
you (e.g., giving you a fail).
Plagiarism is a serious offence.
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ASSESSMENT BRIEF___________________________________________________

Stay healthy for the quiz. Claims of
illness, family problems etc. without
strong evidence will be rejected.
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