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Module 05 Content

For your Final Visual Analysis Paper, review the feedback and grading on your Week 4 Thesis and Outline submission. Apply the feedback comments in your written analysis paper. This paper needs to be at least six pages in length using APA formatting; this length does not include images or the APA title/reference pages.

APA_Paper_Template_07232019 (3).docx

Be sure to substantiate your analysis ideas with quotes and information from at least four academic sources.

These four academic sources may include any of the following:

Robin Landa’s etextbook,
Additional readings located under each module, and/or articles you find in our LLS – for additional help finding research articles click here to set an appointment.
In your final paper, remember to consider the effects the visual elements have on the viewers:

Sensory Response – When analyzing the viewer’s sensory response to a particular visual, it is important to consider the visual elements that attract the eyes. Close your eyes when considering a visual. When you open your eyes, what are the first visual elements that you see? When analyzing a viewer’s Sensory Response, you may consider analyzing at least two of the following effects:
Perceptual Response – When analyzing a viewer’s perception of visuals, it is important to consider the audience. Consider who is or is not attracted to this type of visual communication. When analyzing a viewer’s Perceptual Response, consider at least two of the following effects:
Target audience specifics (age, profession, gender, financial status, etc.)
Cultural familiarity elements (ethnicity, religious preference, social groups, etc)
Cognitive visuals (viewer’s memories, experiences, values, beliefs, etc.)
Technical Response – When analyzing a viewer’s response to certain visuals, we need to consider the technical visual aspects that may affect perception. Describe how visuals affect the interpretation of the intended media communication message. Address specific technological elements that impact perception. When analyzing the Technical Response, consider the Laws of Perceptual Organization (similarity, proximity, continuity, common fate, etc), and at least two of the following types of visuals:
Drop-down menus
Hover-over highlighting
Quality of visuals
Emotional Response – When analyzing a viewer’s Emotional Response, it is important to consider the targeted audience preferences and emotional intelligence. Discuss what the viewer might want to see and what type of visual presentation will set the tone for that response. When analyzing the Emotional Response, consider the effects of at least two of the following types of visuals:
Mood setting colors
Mood setting lighting
Persuasive images
Positioning of search or purchase buttons
Social media icons and share options
Ethical Response – When analyzing a viewer’s Ethical Response, it is important to consider the targeted audience values and beliefs. Identify any negative messages about certain ideas, groups, or cultures. Describe and pinpoint images that may be inappropriate for a variety of viewers. Keep in mind that your website can be accessed by all ages and groups. When analyzing the Ethical Response, consider at least two of the following types of visuals:
Visual stereotypes
Limitations in diversity
Inappropriate images for all audiences
Digital alterations
False representation or advertising
Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

Nike. Just Do It. website analysis

Jude Akassap
Rasmussen College
COURSE#: G332/MMC3407
Professor: Bronwen Hazlett

Thesis Statement: Visual elements play a crucial role in building trust with the users and it’s a key component in giving the users outstanding user experiences and encourages the user to start a conversation as well as building his or her interests in the products and services.

Nike. Just Do It. website analysis: Outline

I. Introduction
The Nike. Inc corporation is a USA based multinational company that deals with design, development, manufacturing and worldwide marketing and sales of equipment, accessories, apparel, footwear and services especially those used in sporting activities. The company has strong advertising strategies for its company with use of sponsorship agreements with celebrity athletes and college athletic teams. The company also uses internet marketing, email management technologies together with broadcasting and narrowcasting communication technologies in creating multimedia marketing campaigns. The company website contributes greatly to the number of sales the company makes especially in the present conditions and requirements due to covid-19 pandemic. Advice from World Health Organization and different countries is requiring people to avoid much travel and to do most of their activities at home. With the website, the customers can access their products and select the most appropriate for them and the most convenient store to pick as stated by Nayak, (2017). The company website is eye appealing and attractive to its customers who mostly are young and the middle-aged group.
The company website: Nike. Just Do It. is easily accessible as it has a name closely linked to the company name. This means that users can easily find it even without properly spelling the website name or being sure of the website name. The website allows the user to select the country of stay where he can access the product. Upon opening the website, the company logo is shown at the top left which is clear with the top part having only three parts. The first part gives the user a click option to see the available stores where one can select the one closest to him. The next part is About US where one will get the company information and anything else about the company. The third part has help section where one can easily get help on any inquiry one has and the join and sign in section. This is to give a new user opportunity to register easily.
The next part of the page is the image of the item being searched or advertised taking half the page. The image is clear and an exact look of the product. This is attracting and building trust to the users with some product like the shoes showing images of people exercising in them. The website has used eye-catching images that are important in supporting the brand as explained by Salehi, Abdollahbeigi, Langroudi & Salehi, (2012). This is part of color use and instinctive user experience which acts to give the customers a wonderful experience. The image also acts to give visual cues which are more effective for instant communication with customers interested in specific items. This is more effective than reading the explanations on a website about a product. It stimulates an emotional reaction in the user as explained by Pengnate & Sarathy, (2017). Eric Lazar, the president of graphics and imaging company SpeedPro Loop stated that ninety percent of all purchases are made subconsciously which means that they are emotionally driven processes and not intellectual ones. Some customers do not take time to understand the product as the logo is just enough for established brands like Nike.
The company customers are athletes and mostly people involved in sports activities. The website has put this factor in place in their images by using young and flexible people exercising in the company’s product. This has high resolution generating great focus and tone to the website users. High quality images are engaging to look at. The users get interest of looking for more products even those they were not interested in. The window arrangement is also clear and appealing. This is important in capturing user’s attention and interest as explained by Fimberg & Sousa, (2020, October). According to research internet users take approximately 5.96 seconds to look at the main image. To utilize this effectively, the Nike website have medium sized images that are impressing and engaging the users. On the same page the website also shows alternative related items which is important in giving clear understanding to the users of how the organization’s product fits in the market.
In terms of technical response, the company website uses personalities and random people to demonstrate their products. This shows how it works and the kind of feeling it gives to the users such as having comfortable and happy customers and sport activities participants. A short testimony and description are provided at the bottom of the image giving a clear picture of how the users feel about the product. This creates trust in the customers as well as a clear way to show new users that others have had good and positive interaction with the products and were satisfied as explained by Perdue, (2002).
Visual elements play a crucial role in building trust with the users and it’s a key component in giving the users outstanding user experiences and encourages the user to start a conversation as well as building his or her interests in the products and services. The visual element can be classified into sensory response which include appearance of the site. This gives the user the first impression about the company. The next part involves perceptual response which shows the communication given to the user by the image. This includes the targeted age, gender or group of people which the company website displays effectively in their images. The company images have also covered the technical response which include the perception given. The website images have also covered the aspect of emotional response by use of eye capturing images. The images are appealing and attractive to the users.

Fimberg, K., & Sousa, S. (2020, October). The Impact of Website Design on Users’ Trust. In Proceedings of the 11th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction: Shaping Experiences, Shaping Society (pp. 1-5).
Nayak, T. (2017). ” Just Do It”@ Ad Campaign: The Case of Nike Inc. Globsyn Management Journal, 11.
Pengnate, S. F., & Sarathy, R. (2017). An experimental investigation of the influence of website emotional design features on trust in unfamiliar online vendors. Computers in Human Behavior, 67, 49-60.
Perdue, R. R. (2002). Internet site evaluations: The influence of behavioral experience, existing images, and selected website characteristics. Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing, 11(2-3), 21-38.
Salehi, F., Abdollahbeigi, B., Langroudi, A. C., & Salehi, F. (2012). The impact of website information convenience on e-commerce success of companies. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 57, 381-387.


Running head: TITLE OF PAPER 1


Title of Paper
Your Name
Rasmussen College
COURSE#: Course Title
Instructor’s Name
July 15, 2019

Title of Paper
A basic research paper consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introductory paragraph presents the topic of the paper and typically summarizes the main points and ends with a thesis. The body of the paper covers the main points and normally includes citations to sources that support the author’s claims and information. Papers should end with a conclusion. Conclusions normally summarize the main points that were addressed, without introducing new content.
The final portion of the paper is the references list. The references list gives complete information about all of the sources that are cited in the paper. For Rasmussen papers, the references list follows APA formatting rules. For more information on how to write a paper and use proper APA citation and formatting, please see and For information on references in APA style, see
Remember to change this template so its information applies to you and to your classes. Keep the paragraphs indented and double spaced; do not switch to block paragraphing. Finally, please see the LLS video on how to adjust this template before using for an assignment at It also explains how this document can be saved as a Word template so that it may be used over and over again.

Author’s Last Name, First initial. Middle initial. (Year). Title of article. Journal Title, Volume Number(Issue number), Page numbers. Retrieved from http://URL for journal home page OR database permalink

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