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Gun control
In the late nineteenth century, western American cowboys used guns to hunt wild
animals. A woman named Annie Oakley opened awareness and interest in firearms. Gun
culture has developed from the west to the United States. More and more people are
following this culture; they realize that this is a trend of the times. Slowly, the American
people found that they needed to make laws to regulate the use of firearms. In 1968, the
assassination of President Kennedy finally made people realize the importance of gun control.
Increasingly, constitutions and state laws are enacting to restrict and control people’s use of
firearms. Although the federal government has regulations on guns, state law has imposed
stricter rules on gun holders. Court decisions will also be based on state law rather than
federal firearms law. As the World Health Organization says, Focusing only on gun-carrying
restrictions or gun control will always only have a limited effect on gun related mortality. An
integrated plan with a multisectoral approach is key to reducing violent injuries and deaths in
a sustainable way (Vecino,2020). As can be seen from table 1, many states have relatively lost
control over guns. Like Wisconsin and Illinois, residents can’t carry guns out of doors without
permission, even if guns are hiding. Hawaii requires laws to hold firearms legally.
The federal firearm law is a firearm law which revises by the federal government; gun
manufacturers, importers, and persons in the business of selling firearms are requiring to get a
federal firearms license. The federal firearms law is a very comprehensive law, which is so
large that it requires a shooter to have a valid certificate. Otherwise, he faces a penalty. But in
fact, different states have their gun laws and regulations. Once a criminal case about a gun
occurs, the judge will generally use the state gun law as the standard instead of the federal
gun law. Forty-four states have a provision in their state constitutions similar to the Second
Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which protects the right to keep and bear arms. In
addition to the Federal firearm Law and the State Gun Law, there is also a Gun Carry law,
which details two different ways to carry guns.
The first is concealed carrying. There are three types of concealed carry; unrestricted
means don’t need any permit for the firearm. If you live in Vermont and Arizona, you can
carry a gun without a permit. The second one shall issue, which is the most common carry
law in the United States. It requires a permit, age training, and background checks. The last
one is the May issue, which is asking the applicant to prove why he needs to buy firearms.
Like California, New York, they are executing the May issue. Different as concealed carry,
open carry is more comfortable to understand. You can carry the gun outside the street that
people can see. It requires a permit. There are two exceptions, which are Florida hiking or
fishing and “Texas ban handgun” but the not long gun.
During the Second World War, the United States successfully advanced and developed
into a developed country through the sale of firearms and weapons. The firearm culture was
also retained in the United States and continued to expand. In recent years, through western
cowboys’ cultural spread of guns across the United States, people’s understanding of arms has
evolved from hunting to protecting and combating crime and target shooting. There are 63%
of weapons are using to fight criminals and protect private property, 40% are using for
hunting, and only 15% are using for target shooting. From the analysis of data, most of the
gunmen are men, accounting for 43%, while women are only 17%. Whites and non-whites
have almost the same gun percentage. In the questionnaire survey, the proportion of guns
used for home defense reached 31-49%, and the ratio of adults holding arms was
21to39%(Agresti 2020). It can be seen that almost one of two families have a gun, and three
adults can find an adult with a gun.
When we look at Table 2, the total number of contributions for the gun right is five times
than gun control. Most of the Democrats support gun control, and most of the Republicans
support gun rights. In table 3 shows that the top 3 federal political contributions of interest
groups are lawyers, health industry, and labor unions. In 11 national election cycles from
2000 to 2020, neither gun rights nor gun control interest groups were among the top 50
interest groups donating to incumbent members of Congress during any of these elections
(Agresti,2020). In the American political science review mention that an important obstacle
to arms control is the trade-off involved in monitoring: transparency is required to assure one
side of the other’s compliance with arms limits, but transparency might also reveal
vulnerabilities that could be exploited by the first side in an arms race or war(Coe,2020).
In the Sutherland Springs church shooting “a gunman killed 26 people and wounded 20
others at a Texas church Sunday morning in what Gov. Greg Abbott called the largest mass
shooting in state history. If handled properly, this tragedy can avoid entirely. As early as 2012,
Kalley received a verdict from the military court and attracted the attention of the FBI.
Because both of his children and wife were dissuaded by him. But strangely, Kelley
purchased two guns from the HAFB Base Exchange. In subsequent 2014 and 2017, Kalley
successively purchased four guns in Texas and Colorado. How the regulatory negligence lead
to this epic tragedy. Why the FBI and the Air Force did not pay attention to and discover this
issue in time. When the rape occurred, the military court sentenced him to one year in prison
and a decision to downgrade (Hanna,2017). Before this, the gunman had always wanted to
apply for a gun license but was rejected by Texas. It is strange when he did not have a “gun
license”. Why did Kalley buy guns so frequently and hold arms without investigation? In
social science quarterly says we argue that they do not enable gun control proponents to
decisively swing public opinion in favor of more or stronger firearms regulations
(Kantack,2020). From such a problem, it can reflect that the government and the law still
have a lot of regulatory loopholes and moral deficiencies in gun management.
In the Second Amendment, the lawful right to use firearms was strictly stipulated: “A
well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people
to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Data shows that half of the people buy guns
for family defense. They do not hunt and target fire. The creator believes that people are kind
and can give them the right to hold arms. These rights are used to protect private property,
and Security and the maintenance of social peace have an indelible contribution. In the
United States, gun culture has existed for a long time. If the government declares that guns
are illegal, then those firearms obtained through illicit channels will become a significant
threat to society, not only to the community but also to everyone and families. In this case,
the protection of criminals by peaceful citizens will be severely compromised.
Different states have different state regulations that regulate the use of firearms. In
Colombia, gun regulations are stringent. It is illegal for residents to hold unregistered
firearms. But the police can apply for one-year licenses for handguns. In daily duty, the police
will face different criminals. Most of them are armed with guns, and the police cannot cover
their duty. This means that criminals are likely to remember what they look like and their
names. It will become a threatened for their families. In the Texas law review, the increased
dialogue created by the model statute could push forward conversations between police and
citizens about excessive-force claims more generally (Hogue 2020). “Dick Anthony Heller
was a D.C. special police officer who was authorized to carry a handgun while on duty.”
(Robbins,2019) He hopes to apply for a one-year license, which will allow him to take the
gun home and protect his family. In his dissent, “Justice John Paul Stevens wrote that the
Second Amendment does not create an unlimited right to possess guns for self-defense
purposes. Instead, the most natural reading of the Amendment is that it protects the right to
keep and bear arms for specific military purposes but does not curtail the legislature’s power
to regulate nonmilitary use and ownership of weapons.” (Oyez,2020) Finally, the Colombia
code rejects Heller’s request.
In recent years, gun control has been pushed to the cusp again and again, and more and
more large-scale gun incidents have occurred. Residents are increasingly worried about the
safety of themselves and their families, which forces them to learn and buy guns to protect
themselves and their families. However, this has also led to an increase in the number of gun
owners. Rising guns will put more pressure on police officers on duty, they will have to be
more careful, and they will face more unknown threats. But for terrorists, this is a great
opportunity. They may escape the supervision of many departments and launch terrorist
attacks. For the gun industry, business people do not care about the so-called moral ethics.
They are concerned about whether they can bring benefits to them. More and more vicious
gun-holding incidents have not brought them alert and brought them Is more profits and more
income. Similarly, as part of interest groups, lawyers, their income source is these trials of
illegal guns, and many people are doing things against their conscience. In the health industry,
different people are sent to hospitals every day because of gunshot wounds. A complete
system has been formed behind this. Everyone in this system cannot make much change.
According to the right theory, people have the right to buy and carry a gun to protect
themselves and their families. Also, the federal government has the right to revise the law to
protect the resident. However, the government has not thought about it. As policy studies
journal says “The problem is that there is no agreement over the causes of gun violence, and
therefore policies designed to address it are controversial. Following a mass shooting,
politicians, policymakers, interest groups, and others typically blame their favorite suspected
causes of gun violence including violent video games, substance abuse, poverty, social
isolation, and a culture of violence.” (Smith,2020) If it is not the lack of supervision ethics of
some regulatory authorities, people need not worry about the problems caused by the
proliferation of firearms if the laws and regulations are sound, why there are many
unregistered firearms on the market. The temptation of guns to people is too high, bad people
can use guns to bring them benefits, such as robbing banks, reasonable people can use guns to
protect themselves. Can the federal government establish a more comprehensive legal system
and perfect background checks to make gun management more stringent and orderly? In this
way, the burden on police will be less and less, and people’s lives will be better and better.
Who lacks the morality of gun sellers to supervise, and how does their behavior differ from
B.P.? In the face of interests, there is no moral code nor any rational thinking. I hope that in
the future, there will be proper regulatory authorities that can format their rights and make the
gun market transparent and orderly.
Vecino-Ortiza A, Guzman-Tordecillab D. Gun-carrying restrictions and gun-related
mortality, colombia: A difference-in-difference design with fixed effects. World Health
Organization.Bulletin of the World Health Organization. 2020;98(3):170-176.
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know. Retrieved from
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gun control? Experimental evidence from the Las Vegas shooting. Social Science Quarterly,
101(2), 893-908.
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policymaking in the American states. Policy Studies Journal, 48(1), 235-256.
Table 1
Table 2
Table 3
Walmart CSR report
With the development of the times, more and more companies begin to ignore social
responsibility, and they will put their interests first, which is not wrong because a company
cannot operate if it is not profitable. Can they pay attention to social responsibility while
earning benefits? The complete social responsibility is divided into two parts, namely social
and environmental. In the 2019 ESG report, Wal-Mart listed the current social responsibility
and the goals of future social responsibility.
Wal-Mart is the world’s top retail supermarket. Their business spread across the globe. The
company was founded by Sam Walton in 1962 and had 11,503 stores (Wikipedia). At the same
time, Wal-Mart is a listed company with a total market value of 376 billion(macrotrends). In
the United States, Wal-Mart has 681 stores (Wikipedia). They mainly provide customers with
convenient and low-price items. Each store characterized by wide aisles and fully stacked
shelves filled with a variety of affordable products, including Health and beauty aids,
Electronics, Jewelry, Toys, Family apparel, Hardware, Sporting goods, Automotive, Home
furnishings, Pet supplies, Houseware, Lawn and garden items. Their stakeholders include
Customers, Associates, Communities, and Shareholders. In the last last year, Wal-Mart donated
1 billion to charities which are 1.5% of net income, including educational institutions, food
banks, local law enforcement, and affected residents (Walmart 2019 ESG report).
Major Issues5
Because Wal-Mart implements a low-price strategy, their corresponding consumer groups
are naturally low- and middle-income people. It leads to the first problem; that is, most
consumers use food stamps, which leads to consumers dominant by the consumption tendency,
they are more willing to buy the food stamps or items with discounts. As the social security
payroll tax keeps increasing, some customers began to consider switching to online shopping
instead of physical store purchases. The second problem is price pressure. With the recovery
of the economy, people are spending power has gradually increased. Even so, people are still
more willing to choose cheap commodities. After all, monthly mortgages and car loans are a
large number. In the survey, Amazon is over 10 percent more expensive than Walmart. To be
22.51 percent cheaper than Walmart (Max Vanegas 2018). So, Wal-Mart implemented a price
match policy in some stores. More and more small convenience supermarkets pose a threat to
Wal-Mart. For ordinary office workers, they want to reduce shopping time and shopping
expenses. Each Wal-Mart is a supermarket. Upper Wal-Mart received a lot of pressure. In recent
years, Wal-Mart has also begun to transform into an online sales business, hoping to reduce
costs through online sales.
Social and Environmental Activities
In the 2019 ESG report, the CEO stated that Wal-Mart’s long-term goal is to use 100%
recyclable, reusable, and industrially compostable packaging in stores across the United States
by 2025. At the same time, Wal-Mart struggled against hunger four years ago. As of 2020, WalMart and the Wal-Mart Foundation have donated 4 billion food to society (Walmart 2019 ESG
report). Faced with social and environmental issues, Wal-Mart said it is facing challenges. In
terms of the environment, the first problem facing Wal-Mart is climate change. Renewable
energy and government policies and local energy networks have become Wal-Mart’s biggest
obstacles. Next is the sustainable supply chain. The continuous innovation of different products
and the complex supply chain have brought many challenges to Wal-Mart’s direction. The last
point is that the recycling market for waste, food, and commodities is continually fluctuating,
as well as innovations in packaging technology and recycling management. The operating costs
of waste disposal continue to increase. These problems will become the challenges that WalMart needs to face in the future. It is hard for a company to change its supply chain since
“results show a double mediation effect on the relationship between organizational narrative
and the environmental performance of supply chains” (Hussain 2020).
On the other hand, from the challenges of society, the first point is retail opportunities,
which include high-efficiency development costs, and tools to help employees quickly
understand the business—the acceptance of the business case by the retailer. The second point
is the responsible supply chain. Increasingly transparent prices have gradually reduced the
benefits space, and the regulations of different countries will become obstacles. The continuous
innovation and progress of the supply chain also make the market more and more comparative.
The last point is safe food and healthy food, more data comparability. Customers raise their
expectations and needs.
Long-Term Social and Environmental Goals
Wal-Mart has also set many long-term environmental protection goals. Walmart thinks,
“We believe that setting goals and driving action toward meeting them is necessary to advance
progress on many environmental and social issues facing society.” By 2030, this includes
working with suppliers to reduce or avoid scope three carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e)
emissions of 1 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases from the global value chain. More
sustainably source 20 key commodities more sustainably by 2025 and to achieve at least 20%
post-consumer recycling content in private label packaging by 2025. To this end, they explicitly
set up a project called Project Gigaton. This project continues until 2030; the purpose is for
more suppliers to join them and reduce more emissions. This project has already started in 2017
to avoid emissions in any of the six areas (energy use, sustainable agriculture, waste,
deforestation, packaging, and product use) that have the opportunity to do this. In terms of
society, Wal-Mart employs 44% of total U.S. workforce are people of color, and 55% of its
employees are women, and 75% of its store management team employs part-time workers.
Until 2025, Wal-Mart will provide training programs for millions of employees. (Walmart 2019
ESG report) Because Walmart realizes that “Frontline employees’ relationship quality with the
vendor and perceptions of vend …
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