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Please prepare a two minute speech that explains this research poster and it’s findings This is a speech for a presentation, please go through each section in order and explain it thoroughly but briefly Link for study and article used: Tiggemann, M., & Williamson, S. (2000). The effect of exercise on body satisfaction and self-esteem as a function of gender and age. Sex roles, 43(1-2), 119-127.The attached files are the actual research poster that has to be presented as well as the past assignments done prior to making the poster



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Exercise and Self-Esteem
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This research work explored both physical exercise and self-esteem, and at the same time
regarding impacts of body exercises on confidence. This is based on affluence and personal
gratification variables under study and was done among grown-ups between the ages of 21 to
60 years. The achieved outcomes point to the fact that exercising had a direct relation to selfesteem. However, the same physical activity has an indirect relation to self-esteem having
considered personal satisfaction and prosperity in life. In this case, the realised results obtained
from the participants of this study indicate that physical activity is either directly or indirectly
related to self- esteem, wealth and personal satisfaction. Consequently, those grown-ups who
have little confidence must be strongly stimulated in regularly exercising thereby improving
the physique and self-confidence.
Several people globally believe that physical exercise is unnecessary and for those who
have a little faith in the same, they still view exercising as too tiresome. Physical exercise is
exclusively described as the continuous development and tightening of the body muscles which
consequently results in plentiful increase in energy consumption over inactive points. This fact
is supported by World Health Organization (WHO) who suggested that grown-ups between the
ages of 17 to 70 years should either dedicate about one to two hours of moderate physical
exercise or alternatively put one hour of extensive exercising consistently. In order to gain more
health related benefits, adults are advised to scale their physical activities to at least six hours
weekly. This introduction certifies that physical intervention impacts the self-esteem of people,
as well as prosperity and personal satisfaction.
Literature Review
Studies carried out by sports scientists indicate that intense and modest actions have
several bodily and emotional areas to be concerned about (Tiggemann and Williamson, 2000).
Exercising is deliberated to be an important part of dependable well-being. Exercise is related
to emotional health and therefore can prevent several illnesses. In addition, various research
done elaborate that exercising improves the emotional fitness, strengthening a good feeling,
reducing despair, pressure, thereby greatly boosting the psychological excellence. Self-esteem
is one of the emotional arrangements that have drawn the attention of a big number of medical
health practitioners and researchers (Machado et al., 2019). Valuation of of a person profiles
their confidence levels. Focus on exercising and personal esteem comprehensively put a sizable
difference of self-esteem of participants, non-athletic discovering sufficiency of a normal
schedule in boosting self-esteem. Generally, exercising quite vigorously gets required
accomplishment. The real accomplishment in various activities equips participants with quick
ways which eventually lead to a feeling of fitness and personal confidence.
A second factor here is the review of a person’s mental richness. This is when a person
feels satisfied and therefore gradually practices positive feeling, to the extent that they feel
more successful. Looking at the studies done about prosperity, they show that one of the most
important factors is sportiness and regular exercising. As articulated by Tiggemann and
Williamson, physical exercise significantly increases self-esteem and constructs prosperity.
Today, the satisfaction of people employed a structure for contributing relevant support.
Importance of valuing worthiness of life is a lot that many do not tend to improve it. Physical
exercises reduce grief and restlessness, and enhance positivity among people. In addition, they
tend to reduce the threat of cardio vascular problems. They also open mind and bring other
advantageous results.
This research comprised of a sample of sixty participants arbitrarily obtained among a
given those who voluntarily offered to participate without any pay. This comprised of 24 ladies
and 36 men, all who were ranging between 21 to 65 years of age. The participants were given
an overview of the specific objectives of this and clarification of the sole voluntary nature of
their involvement, including the analysis of data that would be handled with privacy. We
obtained the written consent of all the interviewees before they begin answering any questions
in the questionnaire.
The objective of this research was to evaluate the suitability intervention of exercising
on the individual gratification, wealth and a person’s self-esteem and consequently be in a
position to resolve. (Tiggemann and Williamson, 2000).From reviewed studies, theory that
physical activity intervention impacts a person’s confidence, fulfilment and success has
looked at.
Most of participants in this study were males who had no neither had history of any
chronic illnesses nor have abused alcohol and drugs. Generally, our outcome pointed to the
direction that increased degree of exercises represented a perception of fitness among the
interviewees. The results showed a direct relationship between exercising and self-confidence.
Exercising and personal gratification were directly related, whereas physical activity and
prosperity were indirectly related. In addition, exercising and body fitness was equally
confirmed to be having a relation. The association got amid exercising and personal confidence
is robust than exhibited amid exercising to both prosperity and personal gratification.
The outcome indicates that physical exercising intervention improved on personal
confidence, gratification, and wealth among the participants. It is worth noting that no
significant change in before and after the test was watched. Participants who focused in
physical exercise in relation to set standards had greater personal esteem, success, and
This study was majorly carried out to determine an association of bodily exercises and
self-esteem, according to physical fitness, prosperity and personal gratification. It was realised
the factors under this study had either straight or inverse relationship with exercising. Of
significant importance, we confirmed that increased degree of exercising had relation to high
self-esteem. Our first hypothesis in this study that intense exercises have close association to
confidence levels was confirmed. This was steady per information obtained from related
research. (Sani, 2016).In the second hypothesis an assumption was made that exercising and
confidence levels were inversely related. Indeed physical activity was realised to be indirectly
proportional with personal confidence, gratification and general success. Consequently, the
perception of interviewees of their fitness and the features of exercising impacted on
enhancement of personal confidence.
Looking at these results generally, we realise that the effects physical exercises on the
factors here were undisputable. Doing physical exercises in many different ways can increase
the positive factors. San Strum is currently on of the latest mental models. It agrees on the
maintenance of physical exercises, which improves on the quality of the body, thereby leads to
stimulation of confidence and thus able to improve self-esteem an individual.
To conclude, it is worth noting from our study, that age, exercising the body more often
and self-esteem play a crucial part in an individual’s life. It has been hugely speculated that
people who take part in physical activities had an increased valuation of self-esteem. On the
other hand, those people with high confidence remained vibrant despite old age. (Singh &
Battan, 2019). Our study confirmed that those individuals who consistently exercise remain
fit even in their old age. It realised that the females exercised more in order to remain physically
fit and be in a position to increase their state of their minds as compared to the males. It was
confirmed that physical exercise affected confidence at different ages. This suggests that there
exists an influence of self-confidence and the impact on a person’s prosperity, gratification and
Bhardwaj, A. K., & Telles, S. (2017). Short Communication Yoga Practice in a School Setting
Positively Impacts Self-esteem: A 13 Month Follow-up Study. Indian J Physiol
Pharmacol, 61(1), 76-79.
Dale, L. P., Vanderloo, L., Moore, S., & Faulkner, G. (2019). Physical activity and depression,
anxiety, and self-esteem in children and youth: an umbrella systematic review. Mental
Health and Physical Activity, 16, 66-79.
Machado, A., Almeida, A., Fonte, D., & Silva, V. (2019). The influence of physical exercise
on self-esteem and the body mass index. PsychTech & Health Journal, 3(1), 19-29.
Sani, S. H., Fathirezaie, Z., Brand, S., Pühse, U., Holsboer-Trachsler, E., Gerber, M., &
Talepasand, S. (2016). Physical activity and self-esteem: Testing direct and indirect
Singh, J., & Battan, K. K. (2019). Study on self-esteem among individual sports, team sports
and e-sports.
Tiggemann, M., & Williamson, S. (2000). The effect of exercise on body satisfaction and
self-esteem as a function of gender and age. Sex roles, 43(1-2), 119-127.
Age, Exercise and Self-Esteem
Student’s Name
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Age, Exercise and Self-Esteem
Organize your introduction per the following outline. Feel free to alter how you see fit.
Reiterate the Research Problem/State the Major Findings (1-2 paragraphs).
b. The research offers an insight into how physical preparing intercession affects
individuals’ self-esteem, prosperity, and personal satisfaction. The research used
studies from various sources as methodology. The major findings of the study
showcases that physical exercise has an impact on individuals’ age, confidence,
prosperity, and personal satisfaction.
Explain the Meaning of the Findings and Why They are Important (around 1 page).
Based on the research, the hypothesis presented were all supported. The first hypothesis was
supported by displaying that physical activities or exercises end up improving mental wellness
among individuals. In most cases, taking part in physical exercises can help eradicate tension that
leads to a promotion of mental quality. From this feature, the hypothesis and relevant findings of
the importance and effects of physical activities have been explained. Secondly, self-esteem is
another factor that has been discussed as a hypothesis that promotes physical activities among
individuals. From the study, self-esteem proves to be an issue that can lead to the destruction of
one’s personality since they may lack confidence. Therefore, engaging in physical exercises has
been proven to help improve individuals’ self-esteem as one becomes content of their lives and
The overall meaning of the study showcases that physical exercise impacts individuals
differently depending on their ages. Most women are deemed to engage in physical activities
compared to men since it helps them become fit. Due to this factor, exercise turns out to have an
impact on women’s confidence. Other than that, the research findings highlight that physical
exercises is an important factor since it helps promote self-esteem among individuals. At this
point, the overall meaning and findings of the research are important as it gives an insight of how
self-esteem in form of confidence can be achieved through physical exercise that has an impact
on individuals’ well-being.
Consider Alternative Explanations of your results (1-2 paragraphs).
a. I believe that some of the research hypotheses were not supported since they had no
supporting methodology. For example, the relationship between physical activities and the
impact it has on intercession practices has not been effectively explained. In this case, the results
could have been explained by stating the practices related to intercession and how they affect
one’s self-esteem.
Acknowledge the Study’s Limitations (1-2 paragraphs).
a. The research was faced with various limitations such as failure of using better sampling
techniques. Also, the study only used one type of methodology instead of using various methods
to acquire information. Due to this factor, the research ended up being biased as it focused on the
elderly when it comes to age. In this case, to avoid the limitation of bias, the research could have
conducted studies on younger people based on what impact physical exercise had on their lives.
5. Make Suggestions for Future Researchers (1-2 paragraphs).
a. Think about if you could do this study again. Write down 1-3 things that could be done to
improve our study. To improve the study, I could have focused on using other types of
methodology as it will lead to accurate findings. Other than using other types of methodology,
the study could have been improved by collecting data on how physical exercise impacts men.
The study can be improved if it avoids generalizing the impacts of physical activities among
individuals. Instead, the study could have focused on different types of age groups.

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